2 photos: Artist Mohammad Saffa with one of his sculptures and a photo of a different sculpture

3-D Studio Demo Artist Mohammad Saffa

Mohammad Saffa will be in the 3-D Studio demonstrating molding and casting March 10-11. Photos courtesy of the artist.

Olivia Davies: What will your demonstration at the DAM look like? What can visitors expect?

Mohammad Saffa: I will be demonstrating how to prepare a mold for any shape from clay. I will be building a whole sculpture while visitors observe the different processes with a verbal explanation of each step.

There are multiple methods to prepare a mold, and during the demo I will be working on two methods which are the most common. I will be preparing a one-dimensional mold also referred to as relief. For preparing this mold I will use molding plastic (Paris Powder). This mold is going to be made of one piece.

I am also going to use the same method to build a two-piece mold, which will also be one-dimensional. If there is enough time, I will be applying another layer of silicon to the one-piece mold.

Furthermore, I will build a 20 Cm three-dimensional mold of a human torso. This mold is going to be consisting of two pieces. I will be using Paris Powder material to prepare this mold.

I am also going to demonstrate the sculpting of another copy of the mold we’ve already prepared by using cast 300 quick- drying material. This will be a one-dimensional copy.

OD: What first led you to start working as a sculptor?

MS: I am from a family of artists; therefore, I was encouraged to attend the college of fine arts in Baghdad. When I was in school I was inspired by my professors to continue improving my sculpting skills, which was why I was able to excel among my peers in school and accomplish a lot.

OD: Where do you get the inspiration for your artwork?

MS: What inspires my artwork is the events that are taking place. Occasionally, I also plan ahead of the next artwork that I desire to accomplish.

OD: What do you hope to achieve with your artwork in the future?

MS: I hope one day I will be asked to develop a sculpture to be placed somewhere in the city of Denver.

Olivia Davies was a studio and artist programs intern in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum.

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