Kathleen Sherman in her sculpture studio

3-D Studio Demo Artist Kathleen Sherman

Kathleen Sherman will be in the 3-D Studio October 21-22, 2017, with demonstrations from noon-3 pm.

Megan Farlow: What will your demonstration at the DAM be like? What can visitors expect to see?

Kathleen Sherman: I will create a sculpture using found objects and natural materials such as gourds, seeds and shells. I will also bring some sculptural components in miniature for viewers to use to create a sculpture of their own.

MF: Who or what inspired you to become a sculptor?

KS: I've always been intrigued by Mexican folk art because of its use of available materials and the vibrant color that make that art so enchanting. The simplicity and the organic shapes of so much of the pre-Columbian sculpture has always been an inspiration.

MF: Nearly all of your sculptures use animals, how do you choose the subjects for your work?

KS: Much of my work is inspired by folk tales and fables from other cultures. The gourds I use for the structure of most of my sculptures seem to want to be animals. Their shapes oftentimes push me in that direction.

MF: What kind of materials do you use?

KS: I use gourds, organic material, and found objects such as old jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and egg shells. I use acrylic paints and a variety of glues.

MF: Lastly, when people view your artwork, what do you want them to experience? What reaction do you hope to inspire?

KS: I hope the viewers will be intrigued by my pieces and continually find new aspects in them that surprise, engage, and inspire them.

Photos: Courtesy Kathleen Sherman.

Megan Farlow was a studio and artist programs intern in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. She enjoys the museum’s American Indian art collection, especially works by Jeffrey Gibson.

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