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10 Staff Picks for Holiday Gifts from the Denver Art Museum

In search of great holiday gift ideas? The Shops at the Denver Art Museum feature a variety of items. Here is our staff's list of ten items we think you'll like!

1. Wupper Airlines wooden, bouncing mobiles brighten the hearts of kids and adults! They are named after the river Wupper in Wuppertal, Germany. Whimsical action figures that hang from a long spring, bobbing up and down when gently tugged. This is a decoration, not a toy. $35–$55

2. My Walit colorful leather gloves made in beautiful soft leather with a wool lining. Bright color details on the fingers add a surprise to classic leather gloves. Look for new colors this year. $100

3. Maruca Handbags are a local, collectible favorite. These fun and colorful bags are designed in Boulder and produced in the United States. Great gifts for women of all ages on your list $15–$107

4. Arlyss Grosz glass pieces. Known for her vibrant aspen tree designs, Arlyss’ glass pieces are painstakingly detailed and require multiple layering and firing processes to come to life. Translucent in nature, these artworks display beautifully on their own, against a white wall, on a sunny window pane, or with a backlighting source. $75–$850

5. Rustico leather and industrial felt items began when Isaac Childs and a few friends picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself accessories through American artisanship. Beginning with journals now there are eyeglass cases and tablet sleeves. That first journal turned heads. Rustico has two goals. One. To craft things right from the good stuff. And two. To never let business get in the way of friendship or snowboarding. $16–$6

6. Erica Rosenfeld’s jewelry acts as models for her large-scale sculptural work. She makes all of her pieces by blowing and fusing canes of glass. After slicing and carving the cane she sews the pieces together with seed beads. $125–$1,000

7. Hone Alone, the only tool you need to sharpen your razor. Made in the United States, this sharpening stone extends disposable blade life 5–7 times and reduces waste by 75%. A great gift for anyone who uses disposable razors. $25

8. Philippa Roberts jewelry is inspired by clean lines and soft colors found in nature and architecture. $70–$425

9. Nancy Bonig glass. This local artist uses the “fusing” technique in her glass designs. “Fused” glass involves firing (heat-processing) the glass in a kiln at a range of high temperatures from (1,099 °F to 1,501 °F). Nancy produces a wide variety of abstract art sculptures and Denver cityscapes, as well as colorful platters for everyday use. $31–$250

10. Art-inspired music boxes play a variety of classical and fun tunes. $15

Evelyn Waldron is the bookkeeper in The Shops at the Denver Art Museum. Evelyn has been at the DAM since 2007 and her favorite collection is western American art. Evelyn has a master of arts degree in western American history.

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