Art Lives Here

Art in Your School or Community Center

Art Lives Here is a collaborative program between the Denver Art Museum and local schools and community centers. An exhibition of unique museum objects lives in the school/community center for about a month. Kids, families, and educators can use the installation to bring programming to life and reinforce organizational values, spark intercultural dialogue and empathy, and build community through shared experience.

Barnum Elementary art installation

Past & Present: Native American Art

Learn more about the continuing traditions of Native American art and artists as seen in historic and contemporary objects. Explore identity, family, and community through this collection of museum objects and the stories they tell. 

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Installation of a wooden enclosure by Jaime Molina in a school setting

Outside In: Contemporary Landscape Art

What is the role of place in who we are? How do artists share their experiences and ideas of place in art? Discover landscape art of all shapes, sizes, and mediums to inspire your imagination and spark memory. Learn about yourself and the artists whose creativity is on display.

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