The DAM believes welcoming everyone into the museum deepens the level of engagement and exchange among all people. We seek to establish a safe, welcoming, and respectful environment that ensures the widest range of people will enjoy, learn from, and be inspired by their visit to the museum. With a focus on inclusive practices, the DAM aims to support full access to museum spaces, exhibitions, and programs for visitors of all ages and abilities.


The DAM's Access Advocacy Group (AAG) is comprised of individuals who can address the barriers faced in attending museums. The group consists of advocates for multiple disability communities who meet regularly to provide specific input on accessibility in the museum. The members are Denver-based individuals, businesses, and groups who either experience these barriers themselves, who have knowledge of these barriers in their roles as support workers, or who are working in the accessibility field. The AAG supports the DAM's initiatives to be transparent and accountable in the evolving practice of building a fully accessible and inclusive museum environment.

Street map of the Denver Art Museum

Getting to the Museum

The museum is located on 13th Avenue between Broadway and Bannock Streets. Please note:

There are accessible parking spaces on 13th Avenue south of Broadway, in front of the Denver Public Library.  Additionally, there are accessible spaces on the second level of the Cultural Center Garage (enter garage from 12th Ave and follow signs to northwest corner elevators).

The main entrance is equipped with power assist doors, and all public areas of the museum are wheelchair accessible. Motorized wheelchairs are welcome.

Contact with any questions or for ticketing assistance.

Family inside the Denver Art Museum welcome center.

Inside the Museum


Accessible restrooms are available on every level of the Hamilton Building, and a single user/family restroom is available on level one.

Wheelchairs and Strollers

Wheelchairs and strollers are available to use free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis at the welcome center on level one. Leaving a driver's license or other ID is necessary. We do not accept reservations for wheelchairs or strollers. 

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign language interpretation can be scheduled for any museum tour, program, or event with three business days' notice. To make an arrangement, email, you will receive a reply within two business days.

Large Print, Braille, and Spanish Language Materials

Large-print label booklets, braille label booklets, and Spanish language booklets are available for select exhibitions and located just outside the special exhibition entrance.  

Captioning and Audio Transcripts

Select exhibition videos have closed captioning. Printed transcripts are available at the exhibition entrance for audio guides, select educational videos, and in-gallery audio components.

My Visit to the Denver Art Museum social story with exterior photograph of the Hamilton Building

Social Stories

Social stories are visual and written guides describing various social interactions, situations, behaviors, skills, or concepts. Social stories can be helpful for families with children with autism, first-time visitors, and others who prefer to prepare for new environments and situations.

Download a PDF version of My Visit to the Denver Art Museum in English and in Spanish.

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