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Common Ground

Common Ground

Photographs by Fazal Sheikh, 1989-2013
Opens August 13, 2017

Common Ground: Photographs by Fazal Sheikh, 1989-2013, is the first comprehensive American exhibition of critically acclaimed photographer Fazal Sheikh’s work. The more than two-decade-long career of the Kenyan-rooted and American-born artist has focused on raising awareness of international human rights issues through his documentary-based photography practice. More

Carol Golemboski
Event: Lectures & Programs

Month of Photography Lecture: Carol Golemboski

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 7:00pm8:30pm.

From photography’s earliest days, the medium has mingled science with magic. With scenes constructed from her personal cabinet of curiosities, Carol Golemboski’s work recalls this sense of amazement. Her hand-abraded negatives with additions of drawings and text evoke the fears and fascinations of womanhood and evince hazy memories that might be real and might not. More

Andrew Beckham-a star chart of brambles
Event: Lectures & Programs

Month of Photography Lecture: Andrew Beckham

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 7:00pm8:30pm.

Andrew Beckham has been called a “visual poet” for his contemplative body of work that seeks to make sense of humanity’s place in nature. In his photography, the minutia of life has equal weight to the sublime vista. His juxtapositions of scale and visual associations elicit thoughts on both form and the psyche, and lend poignancy to the places and things he depicts. More

Gary Emrich
Event: Lectures & Programs

Month of Photography Lecture: Gary Emrich

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 7:00pm8:30pm.

A fourth-generation Coloradan, Gary Emrich uses humor and pop-culture iconography to both celebrate and poke fun at the myths of the West in his art. Making what he calls “straight photographs in the studio,” Emrich constructs his images from found and collected materials that include family mementos, kitsch objects, and even throw-away packaging. Through his inventive recontextualizations, he addresses deeper concerns like water scarcity, the aerospace industry, and personal memories. More

Ben Rasmussen-Olive Trees
Event: Lectures & Programs

Month of Photography Lecture: Benjamin Rasmussen

Thursday, March 30, 2017 - 7:00pm8:30pm.

Benjamin Rasmussen grew up in a family of missionaries in the rural Philippines and questions of home, community, and identity were endemic to his childhood experience. These human connections have continued to drive his photographic practice. More

Wendy Red Star, Pretty Medicine Pipe & Old Crow (1873 Crow Delegation), 2017
Event: Lectures & Programs

Wendy Red Star: Decolonizing Photography

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 7:00pm8:00pm.

Historical photography of Native people is widespread and many of these images become iconic and appropriated as part of American popular culture. But what is missing from our understanding of these photographs? More

gallery view of photos in On Desert Time exhibition
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Enter by September 18, 2016

Follow in the footsteps of photographers Timothy H. O'Sullivan and William H. Bell, whose work is currently on view in On Desert Time: Landscape Photographs by O’Sullivan & Bell, 1871-1874, and capture an image that reflects the Colorado landscape. More

Penelope Umbrico, 18,297,350 Suns from Sunsets from Flickr 04/16/14, 2014
Event: Lectures & Programs

Anderman Photography Lecture Series | Penelope Umbrico

Thursday, September 8, 2016 - 7:00pm8:30pm.

Penelope Umbrico uses elaborate conceptual strategies to create photographic artworks that quantify and question the ubiquity of electronic media and mass imaging in contemporary society. More

Timothy H. O'Sullivan, Ancient Ruins in the Cañon de Chelle, N.M. In a Niche 50 Feet above Present Cañon Bed., 1873. Albumen silver print.

On Desert Time

Landscape Photographs by O’Sullivan & Bell, 1871–1874
May 29, 2016–Jan 8, 2017

This exhibition presents photographs by Timothy H. O’Sullivan and William H. Bell made in the American Southwest, 1871-1874, during expeditions on the Wheeler Survey. More

Danny Singer, Saco, MT

Standing Still

Photographs by Danny Singer
Dec 13, 2015–May 22, 2016

This exhibition offers eleven views of small towns on the North American prairie. Singer photographed the kinds of places most travelers overlook in their rush to get from one city to the next. The result is a series of what Singer calls “paper movies” that evoke the feeling of driving slowly down Main Street, taking things in a little at a time. More

Kenneth Josephson, Polapans, 1973. Gelatin silver print.

Kenneth Josephson

Encounters with the Universe
Oct 11, 2015–May 8, 2016

An early and influential conceptual photographer, Kenneth Josephson makes photographs of found and constructed visual puzzles that demonstrate his alert and often humorous way of encountering the world at large. More

Curator's Choice: #DispatchPortrait Contest on Instagram
Blog: Behind the Scenes

Curator's Choice: #DispatchPortrait Contest on Instagram

The Denver Art Museum recently opened the photography exhibition Alec Soth: Colorado Dispatch. Photographed over the course of a 2013 road trip, Colorado Dispatch presents the core of Soth’s work from the Centennial State, including photographs of ordinary citizens, familiar landscapes and puzzling details of local culture that offer an unromanticized, yet affectionate, view of the land and its people. More

Photographer Alec Soth on Serendipity, Instagram & His Time in Colorado
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Photographer Alec Soth on Serendipity, Instagram & His Time in Colorado

Minnesota photographer Alec Soth’s pictures bring to light the quirkiness and humanity of people he encounters and the places where they live. From 2012–2014, Soth embarked on a series of state-by-state road trips to make a portrait of present-day America. His journey through each state that he visited was printed in a “dispatch” format that calls to mind a small town newspaper or travel guide. More

Enter the Curator’s Choice: #DAMGreatShot Instagram Contest!
Blog: Making & Doing

Enter the Curator’s Choice: #DAMGreatShot Instagram Contest!

In celebration of Month of Photography Denver and the opening of our new photography exhibition, Barbara Bosworth: Quiet Wonder, our photography department staff wants to see what YOU can capture! We invite you to channel your inner Barbara Bosworth to capture photos of nature, landscape, or something that is not noticeable at first glance and post it on Instagram. More