Spun Community Quilt Submission Drop-Off Pre-Registration Form

Complete this pre-registration form prior to the Spun Community Quilt submission drop-off date. Submit the pre-registration form to the DAM by clicking the Submit button below.

Participation Agreements

Please read the two agreements in their entirety and check the corresponding boxes to represent your acceptance of each. Agreement is required for participation in the Spun Community Quilt project.

Documentation Agreement

Documentation and Copyright: Participant agrees to permit DAM to document participant, submission and all activities during the exhibition by any and all methods for archival, promotional, educational and other purposes as determined by the DAM. Any and all such documentation, including but not limited to photographs, video, and digital footage, and any copyright therein, shall be property of the DAM.

Participant retains ownership of the copyright for any artwork produced at DAM as part of the exhibition. Participant hereby grants DAM a non-exclusive license to reproduce and distribute photographs of the submission and all exhibition activities, to transmit or otherwise communicate the same to the public in any media (including but not limited to slides, digital images, film, video, television, internet and other electronic or broadcast media) and to authorize others to do the same.

Installation and Liability Agreement

The participant hereby authorizes DAM to oversee repair, replacement and/or attachment of hanging hardware as deemed necessary to the submission’s safe installation and display. The Denver Art Museum is not liable for damages to or loss of any submission. It is understood that submissions will not be returned.