Wendy Red Star, Yakima Parfleche Station Wagon (detail), 2014. © Wendy Red Star

Native Arts Artist-in-Residence

North Building, Level 3

Artist Wendy Red Star will be in residence on level 3 of the North Building, investigating and studying the American Indian collection.


During her five month residency, Red Star will hold open studio hours for visitors to drop by and watch her work, ask questions, and see her work evolve.

  • December 2-3: 11 am–2 pm
  • December 21-23: 11 am–2 pm
  • February 25-26: 11 am–2 pm
  • March 18 and March 22-23: 11 am–2 pm


In December, visitors will also have a chance to tour the museum with Red Star and her 9-year-old daughter, Beatrice Red Star Fletcher.

  • December 27-29: 1:30–2 pm


Red Star will also be at Untitled Final Friday on February 24.

Image (top): Wendy Red Star, Yakima Parfleche Station Wagon (detail), 2014. © Wendy Red Star

About the Program

About the Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Program

This program showcases and celebrates the work of contemporary native artists, highlighting the ongoing creativity and artistic diversity of the American Indian community with an aim towards engaging museum visitors through each artist’s creative processes. The program kicked off in 2012 with sculptor, painter, and printmaker Melanie Yazzie, and has gone on to host many established and up-and-coming artists working across media.

Previous Residencies

Previous Native Arts Artists-in-Residence

  • Melanie Yazzie: 6/2/12-7/29/12
  • Walt Pourier: 12/1/12-3/10/13
  • Will Wilson: 3/23/13-3/31/13
  • Marie Watt: 5/19/13-10/27/13
  • Linda Aguilar: 11/19/13-2/2/14
  • Rose Simpson: 2/25/14-4/27/14
  • Jeffrey Gibson: 7/19/14-10/26/14
  • Kevin Pourier: 1/20/15-3/15/15
  • Postcommodity: 3/20/15-5/25/15
  • Tom Haukaas: 6/6/15-9/27/15
  • Gregg Deal: 10/24/15-1/31/16
  • Jan Jacobs: 2/13/16-5/15/16

Powwow Regalia Studio, Summer 2016

  • Mary Young Bear, Men’s Woodland Style Dance: 6/9–6/19/2016
  • Alistair Bane, Men’s Straight Dance: 7/7–7/17/2016
  • Verla Howell, Men’s Fancy Feather Dance: 7/21–7/31 and 8/4–8/7/2016
  • Alistair Bane, Men’s Straight Dance: 8/11–8/14/2016
  • Andy Cozad, Gourd Dance: 9/1–9/4 and 9/15–9/18/2016

Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Jan Jacobs

  • Wendy Red Star, Pretty Medicine Pipe & Old Crow (1873 Crow Delegation), 2017
    Event: Lectures & Programs

    Wendy Red Star: Decolonizing Photography

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 7:00pm8:00pm.

    Historical photography of Native people is widespread and many of these images become iconic and appropriated as part of American popular culture. But what is missing from our understanding of these photographs? More