Mural in the Just for Fun Center Japan

Just For Fun Family Center—Japan

Open through November 19, 2017

The Just for Fun Family Center (JFFC) is located in the North Building, level 2, in the Duncan Pavilion. Included with general admission (free for kids and free for members).

To celebrate the Asian art collection, the JFFC has been reimagined with new activities brought to life by local artists.

Explore the Colorful Mural

Catch glimpses of iconic Japan—from Mt. Fuji to downtown Tokyo—and spot objects from the DAM's Asian art collection.

Build Sculptures and Gardens

Practice stacking and balancing hand-sculpted wooden rocks. Arrange rocks, shrubs, cherry blossom trees, and even a pagoda, to form your own Japanese-inspired garden.

Paint on a Japanese Screen

Fill in the blanks by creating a temporary painting with water on a Japanese screen. Imagine what might be happening in the missing sections. Is there a ship sailing on the sea? Maybe birds flying in the sky?

Design a Samurai-Inspired Helmet

Color and assemble your own helmet. Add your signature touch and family crest!

Explore the Process by which Samurai Dressed

Try on handmade robes, suits of armor, and half masks.