Family Backpack Activities at the Denver Art Museum

Creative Corners

Southwest Saints Creative Corner

North Building, Level 4

Play with miniature mannequins and clothing that mimic those on the santos in the surrounding gallery to explore the art of santeros in Mexico and the southwestern United States.

Discovery Library—European & American Art

North Building, Level 6

Fashioned after the many cabinets of curiosities housed among princely palaces that originated throughout Europe during the 1500s, the Bernadette Berger Discovery Library features books, games, and other hands-on activities for the entire family to explore.

  • Piece together a portrait using everyday objects like Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who imaginatively painted fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and other objects into the shapes of faces. See his paintings Summer and Autumn for inspiration.
  • Dress up in costumes and experience how it feels to wear the different pieces of clothing and accessories similar to those worn by people featured in nearby paintings.

Bosch Puppet Theatre

North Building, Level 6

Delight in the fantastic creations found in a painting by a Follower of Hieronymus Bosch. Then, build puppets inspired by the painting and act out stories on the puppet theatre stage.