Real Live Theater Company performs an original play at the DAM

Art Emergency 2: Code Redder

Spring Break Family Play—Free for Kids

Art Emergency 2: Code Redder is back by popular demand during Spring Break at the DAM! Your attendance is required at an emergency meeting of art lovers! Museum "staff members" Chuck and Joanne can’t agree on their upcoming exhibition yet again, and they desperately need your help.

Meet them in Sharp Auditorium and they’ll let you in on the surprising stories behind key works of art at the DAM. (And after the show, you can go find the featured pieces of art in the galleries!)


Auditorium doors open at 10:45 am.

Play begins at 11 am and ends at 11:35 am.

Week 1

Wednesday, March 22–Friday, March 24

Week 2

Tuesday, March 28–Friday, March 31

Get tickets at the door—Included in general admission, FREE for kids and members.

This play is a sequel to the popular original play Art Emergency: Code Red by Real Live Theater at the DAM. Written by Lindsay Genshaft, Jessica Robblee, and Mitch Slevc.

Trailer for the original play: Art Emergency