Dirty Pictures

Closed on Jan 8, 2012

Closed on Jan 8, 2012

North Building - Level 7
Included in general admission.

Dirty Pictures shows the varied ways photographers have depicted mud in their work. Whether as media for photographic construction, as the substance of metaphor, or as a mark of human interaction with the earth—mud, clay, dirt, and soil have made prominent appearances in the work of many photographers in the past thirty-five years.

Featuring pieces by artists including Dieter Appelt, Zeke Berman, Jungjin Lee, and Joel Sternfield, this exhibition aims to both examine these differences and draw connections between the varied uses of these materials in contemporary photography.

Dirty Pictures is organized by the Denver Art Museum. Exhibition support is provided by the Adolph Coors Foundation Exhibition Endowment Fund, Polly and Mark Addison, the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District, and the generous donors to the Annual Fund Leadership Campaign.

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