American Indian Art

January 30, 2011December 27, 2015
North Building - Level 3 — Included in general admission.

Experience one of the world's premier collections of Native American art. Reopened on January 30, 2011, our remodeled galleries of American Indian and Northwest Coast art focus on artists and their creations, revealing the hand and eye of each individual artist.

“Every artwork in our collection was created by an individual, with his or her own opinions, influences, and inspirations,” says native arts curator Nancy Blomberg. “This exciting new presentation will highlight the artist’s hand, and give visitors the opportunity to watch artists at work and evaluate their own perceptions of American Indian art.”

Our comprehensive collection of American Indian art includes 18,000 artworks, ranging from prehistoric to contemporary. The new galleries host about 700 objects, including current visitor favorites and hundreds of additional American Indian works that are on view for the first time.