Artist Melanie Yazzie

Collecting Things

As seen in her interview, artist Melanie Yazzie is never at a loss for ideas because she collects objects and images for a wall of inspiration in her studio.

In my home studio space, I collect a lot of sort of knick-knacks from different places, and I’m really inspired by antiques, different really special objects and the collecting of those objects and special things. And, when I’m at a point where I’m not sure how to move forward, I look at the inspiration wall…I look at those objects in my home.” - Melanie Yazzie

Does this quote spark a lesson idea for your classroom?

  • How can you and your students collect and display things or ideas for inspiration?
  • How can building a collection lead to comparison and critical thinking in your classroom?

Melanie Yazzie talks about collecting things, and how she is inspired by her collection.