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Students practicing language art skills during a field trip at the Denver Art Museum
Field Trip

Artful Literacy

Grades 3-5

Students actively practice language arts skills while exploring the DAM’s culturally diverse art collection.

If, Richard Patterson, 1999, oil paint
Art Exploration

Drip Drop Paint

Children discover what happens when paint drips over a 3-D form. Pouring one color at a time, children see the effect of layering colors.    

Designate a space that would allow students to explore with paints… this might get messy, use smocks! Model this as a small group before placing in a self-guided area.

Animal Dance
Lesson Plan

Animal Dance

Elementary (grades K-5)
One 50 minute lesson

Bring a piece of art to life with movement. Invite students to discover the world of Ute dance through Louis Fenno’s piece Painting of Bear and Sun Dances, and then get on their feet to choreograph their own animal dance.