Occurs every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Next Occurs on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 - 12:00pm12:30pm.
Hamilton Building - Level 1
Included in general admission

Nooner Tour (Tuesday—Friday)

Join a docent for a 30-minute, in-depth look at an aspect of the museum’s collections or something special happening in the galleries. Included in general admission.

Meet in the first level elevator lobby of the Hamilton Building.

Upcoming Topics

July 26 & 28: Summer in Europe

Let’s escape to Europe in the summertime, as we explore lush landscapes, salty seascapes, and some seasonal surprises.

July 27 & 29: May I Have This Dance?

To sway, whirl, pirouette rhythmically, feel inspired, and DANCE! Through the ages dance has entertained but also reflected cultural and political trends. We will explore the personal and professional lives of dance icons Anna Pavlova, Martha Graham, and La Carmencita.

August 2 & 4: The Wild, Wild West in 3-D

Form + force + material= vital dynamism in the sculptures of Ed Mell and Harry Jackson.

August 3 & 5: Culture of China in Furniture and Robes

Explore Chinese culture through the exquisite robes and furniture of this fascinating country.

August 9 & 11: Krasner: The Ever Changing Image

Can a changing self-image be reflected in art? Explore Lee Krasner’s fascinating journey—intellectual, personal, and professional. Discuss her impact on the Abstract Expressionism movement and view the progression of her images and career.

August 10 & 12: Abstract Expressionism & Dance

We will explore the connection between choreographer Martha Graham, her ballet Lamentation, and Abstract Expressionist Judith Godwin on level 4 then move to level 2 to discuss Graham's collaboration with sculptor Isamu Noguchi for her ballet, Cave of the Heart.

August 16 & 18: Rosina—Muse, Model, or Lover?

John Singer Sargent's intrigue and fascination with Rosina, a Mediterranean beauty, challenges us to look more closely at his inspiration, style, and technique. Join us for a discussion of this provocative portrait and surprise yourself by creating one of your own.

August 17 & 19: Classical Ooze

The Jellyfish Fry painting attracts attention with its oozing appearance but is steeped in art history. Christian Rex van Minnen pairs Old Masters painting techniques with Surrealist distortions. Come travel through the centuries of art with this unsettling beauty.

August 23 & 25: The Power of Dance

Drums, eagle-feather fans, and figures in motion. Dive deep into Louis Fenno’s painting of the Ute Indian Bear and Sun Dances, looking closely at how the artist depicted these significant gatherings of community.

August 24 & 26: Meet Our Lady of Sorrows

Join us as we get acquainted with the bulto of Our Lady of Sorrows and learn more about arts patron Anne Evans and her many contributions to the DAM.

August 30 & September 1: The Jazz Age, Harlem Renaissance

We will explore how artists capture the energy and rhythm of dances like the Charleston and Jitterbug.

August 31 & September 2: Cornwell: Process & Characters

Once nicknamed “Dean of Illustrators” by Norman Rockwell, Dean Cornwell was a prolific American illustrator and muralist who remains unknown to many of us. Come discover and explore the characters Cornwell created in Gold Rush II and learn about his artistic process.

September 6 & 8: West Coast Women

September 7 & 9: Oh, Give Me a Home: The Bison

September 13 & 15: Gender Bender

September 14 & 16: Herbert Bayer: Painter?

September 20 & 22: Grand Gestures

September 21 & 23: Road to Santa Fe and Beyond

September 27 & 29: Spontaneous and Joyous Dance

September 28 & 30: Places In Time

October 4 & 6: Sitting Pretty: Chairs

October 5 & 7: Shockwave: Revolution in Paris

October 11& 13: Birtwistle Paints Hockney

October 12 & 14: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics

October 18 & 20: Shirin Neshat: Art In Exile

October 19 & 21: Romero's Bank Job #2

October 25 & 27: Venetian Art: Portraits Speak

October 26 & 28: Dunton's Bears