Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 2:30pm4:00pm.
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A Middle Place: Casas Grandes and the Pueblo World

Speaker Tim Maxwell, PhD - Director Emeritus, Museum of New Mexico, Office of Archaeological Studies

After over a half-century of study, Casas Grandes or Paquimé, in northern Chihuahua, Mexico, remains an enigmatic center of art and architecture. It shows influence from advanced Mesoamerican societies to the south yet it could be part of the Pueblo world of the U.S. Southwest. Was it a link between the two regions? It shows evidence of Mesoamerican influence in art and architecture and has adobe apartments similar to Southwest Pueblos. Archaeological excavations at the site yielded exotic objects from the far corners of Mexico and the city residents incorporated elements of Mesoamerica in their daily lives - building ball courts and public monumental architecture. Its pottery tradition is one of the most recognizable in the Southwest and is the basis of a pottery-making revival in the region

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