Friday, January 13, 2017 - 6:30pm7:30pm.
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Going into Markets: Ceramic Pillows of the Cizhou Ware in 10th–13th century China

Curator's Circle Lecture

During the Song and Jin dynasties of China (10th–13th centuries) a decorative day-to-day household item, ceramic pillows of Cizhou ware, stand as symbols of the cultural commodities market. Where were they made, and how did they become a popular market product?

Dr. Chen Shen gives an overview of the collection of Cizhou ware pillows at the Royal Ontario Museum, and explores features of the product that reflect commercial markets of the time—i.e.: how technology and design changes in craftsmanship were in accord with marketing growth (reducing production costs, employing skilled workers gathered in a central location, maximizing molding production, etc.) Evidence also points to active publicizing of brands/workshops by competitive quality control (advertising).

Dr. Shen will reconstruct a vivid urban life with prospectus markets that were guided by public aesthetic tastes as well as a need for company profits. Reception to follow.

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