Occurs on the fourth Tuesday of every month. Next Occurs on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 1:00pm3:00pm.
Hamilton Building - Level 1
Included in general admission

Drop-In Writing

Monthly program on the fourth Tuesday of the month

Pick up a pencil and spark your creative interests in these informal writing sessions. With the help of a DAM instructor, try your hand at a new writing topic every month, while visiting various museum galleries.

Meet on level 1 of the Hamilton Building.

February 28: From the Fire—and Into the Form

Using the special exhibit From the Fire: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Robert and Lisa Kessler Collection as inspiration, we’ll venture into several Asian forms of writing, and we’ll also learn a bit about some Asian artistic concepts, such as the term wabi sabi.

March 28: Depth and Detail: Freezing the Moment

Often the best poems and scenes are distinct and vivid flashes of moments, frozen in time—much like a great deal of art, including the work from Depth and Detail: Carved Bamboo from China, Japan, and Korea. This session we’ll describe the moments in the artwork in front of us, and then we’ll ask the question: what happens next? By doing so, we’ll learn a bit about scenes and cause-effect relationships in all writing, from plays to stories to poems.

April 25: Exploring Place is Always a Search For Home

What is home? What is place, and how does it define us? Join us for this thematic writing session, where we wrestle with these important questions, and how they relate to our world and our understanding of self. Session will happen in Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place.

For additional information, email dschulz@denverartmuseum.org or call 720-913-0074.