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Contribute a Blanket to Marie Watt's Installation at the DAM

Note: A drop-off event has been added for Friday, July 26. Check out our Behind-the Scenes blog post to see pictures of and read stories about blankets we've received so far.

The Denver Art Museum and artist Marie Watt invite you to donate a blanket (wool or other natural fiber) and share a blanket story. Blanket collection will happen on the plaza in front of the North Building:

  • Friday, July 26, 4-7 pm
  • Saturday, July 27, 11 am–4 pm

In exchange for your blanket and story, the artist will give you a small silk-screen print. The blanket will become part of a permanent artwork and blanket story column to be installed in our American Indian art galleries in September. Marie’s work is centered around community, particularly through her use of wool blankets. As with many of her projects, she looks for blankets that hold meanings and memories. The blankets you donate will be folded and stacked to create a blanket sculpture. As part of donating a blanket to this project, you will be attaching a tag to the blanket documenting your particular story.

Marie will also be working in her studio on Level 3 of the North Building during these dates, as part of a two-week residency at the DAM.

Donation Guidelines

  • Only wool and other natural fiber blankets will be accepted.
  • Blankets must be cleaned before they are submitted.
  • Blankets will not be returned.
  • Completed and signed photo and media release agreement is required.
  • All rights to images and stories of blankets release to Denver Art Museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to your contribution. Here are a few important things to keep in mind as you begin:

General Information

Where will my blanket go?

If your donated blanket is selected it will be folded and stacked to create a blanket sculpture for the DAM’s American Indian art galleries.

What kind of blanket works best?

A blanket with special meaning and memory. A blanket from your childhood. A blanket given to you by a friend. A blanket that has passed through multiple hands. A blanket that is a stand-in or surrogate for a blanket story you want to share. A blanket that you got from a sale to participate in the project.

Are there blankets that I cannot use?

Yes. Natural fiber blankets are preferred. That means wool or cotton. And we ask that they be freshly washed or dry cleaned.

Will I get my blanket back?

No. The blanket you donate will become a part of the DAM’s commissioned sculpture.

Who can participate?

Everyone can get creative and contribute.

Participants can be:

  • any age
  • from anywhere in Colorado or anyone in the world
  • groups or individuals

Can a family or group submit a blanket?

Absolutely. Invite a child to donate their blanket. Find something that represents your family.

Is there a selection process?

Every donated blanket will be used in the Denver Art Museum sculpture. We need about 120 blankets.

Can I submit more than one blanket?

If you like. But remember, you won’t get them back!

What are the important dates to know?

Blanket drop-off days: Friday, July 26, 4-7 pm and Saturday, July 27, 11 am–4 pm.

Where do I go?

Drop-off will take place outside near the entrance to the museum’s North Building.

Where do I park?

There are several parking options:

Cultural Complex Garage

The most convenient place to park, the garage at 12th Avenue and Broadway, opens daily at 6 am. Enter the garage from 12th Avenue just west of Broadway. Parking rates, which start at $1 per hour, are posted inside the entrance.

Parking Lots & Meters

Several unattended parking lots and hundreds of metered parking spaces are located within walking distance of the museum.

Visit the Hours, Location & Parking page for a complete list of parking and transportation options as well as driving directions.

What time should I arrive?

We will begin accepting blankets at 11 am and all participants must be in line by 4 pm. We cannot anticipate when the drop-off will be busier or slower, but please allow plenty of time to get to the museum before 4 pm.

How long will drop-off take?

We assume if won’t take more than 15 minutes. You will also be invited to be filmed telling us about your blanket’s story. If you say yes, add on another 10 minutes.

Do I get anything for participating?

Yes. Marie Watt will give you a small print in exchange for your blanket.

Can I drop off a submission for someone else?

Yes. However, you must have all their information ready, including being ready to tell their blanket’s story.

I can’t make it on July 26 or July 27. Can I mail my submission in, bring it in early, or mail it in?

In the event you cannot make either of these dates and times, e-mail to make special arrangements.

Where will my blanket be displayed?

If selected, your blanket will be displayed in Marie Watt’s sculpture for the DAM, which will be installed in our American Indian art gallery in September 2013.