Sunday, November 17, 2013 - 2:30pm4:30pm.
North Building - Level 1
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The Columbian Exchange: New World, New Food & New Cuisines

Chef Robert N. Corey will present an historical and gastronomic discussion of culture and cuisine in the Americas before Columbus, the ensuing struggle for wealth, power and land during the European Colonization, and the resulting food cultures that we know today. His focus will be on the fusion of cuisines that resulted from the Columbian Exchange and the ongoing collision of food from other continents that continues to this day.

Chef Corey is an instructor for the College of Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University.

The lecture is in the North Building's Schlessman Hall on level 1; doors open at 2 pm.

Free for Alianza members, $3 for students with current ID, $5 for DAM members, $10 others.

For information, call 303-361-9445. Reservations are not required.

Sponsored by the Alianza de las Artes Americanas, a DAM support group.