Behind the Scenes

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago by Anna Estes

Personalized gifts were (and still are) a specialty of Cartier. The design house’s clientele often purchased cigarette cases, clocks, and other accessories to commemorate special events, notable achievements, or personal relationships.

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago by Stefania Van Dyke

It started with an advertisement: my husband was approaching his 40th birthday when he saw the back cover of The New Yorker, graced with an ad for a luxury watch brand.

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago by Mallory Stecklein

What better way to make a gift with local impact than to contribute to the Denver Art Museum on Colorado Gives Day?

posted 2 months 18 hours ago by Dariya Bryant

In search of great holiday gift ideas?

posted 2 months 1 day ago by Elizabeth Young

In tandem with the dazzling Denver Art Museum exhibition, Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century, Palettes has launched a Brilliant-inspired menu

posted 2 months 5 days ago by Anna Estes

Throughout her almost 50-year tenure at Cartier, Director of Fine Jewelry Jeanne Toussaint (1887–1978) played an important role in molding the famous maison into the luxurious establishment it is today.

posted 2 months 5 days ago by Karyn Bocko

Find one-of-a-kind gifts including jewelry, art books and prints, holiday cards, calendars, glass art, women’s purses, scarves, and apparel, men's accessories, and more at The Shop in the Hamilton Building.

posted 2 months 5 days ago by Carleen Brice

The Denver Art Museum offers a hands-on studio space for visitors to get creative.

posted 2 months 5 days ago by Meera Alul

Joe Korth's unique work is inspired by looking around at everyday objects and finding hidden imagery in his surroundings.

posted 2 months 6 days ago by Carleen Brice

The Denver Art Museum’s latest world-exclusive exhibition is here.

posted 2 months 1 week ago by Stefania Van Dyke

I got to dust off my passport in July 2013 to head to Paris on a research trip for Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century. Despite some anxieties about th

posted 3 months 4 days ago by Mary Beth Polce

Cintra Pollack has strong memories of the Denver Art Museum, from visiting the Native American collection and Linda by John DeAndrea on school field trips to meeting artists while coming to events with her mother who has been involved wit

posted 3 months 1 week ago by Heather Nielsen

Tapping into Creativity and Becoming Part of Something Bigger (PDF) is the result of an 18-month investigation into understanding the impacts the Denver

posted 3 months 1 week ago by Lia Kramer

Rare-earth magnets are frequently used in the mounting or hanging of textiles, as has been previously highlighted in Denver Art Museum blog posts on the installation of 

posted 3 months 3 weeks ago by Leah Fell

For many years, Jeanne Kearns has been an invaluable volunteer at the Denver Art Museum. Serving on both the Guest Services Council and Volunteer Executive Board, Jeanne has contributed more than 2,000 hours to the museum.

posted 4 months 1 day ago by Julie Benner

Lyrical, structured, bold, colorful, whimsical, meticulous, commemorative, and even “crazy," the quilts currently on display in Fi

posted 4 months 3 days ago by Aileen Waski

The Shop at the Denver Art Museum now features a new selection of designs in the popular line of stationary cards from Art by Adelyn.

posted 4 months 2 weeks ago by Kati Woock

Today is International Literacy Day, which highlights the importance of literacy to individuals and to society.

posted 5 months 19 hours ago by Mary Beth Polce

Want to be among the first to experience Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century?

Sharon Rouse Receives Minoru Yasui Community Volunteer Award
posted 5 months 1 week ago by Eileen Pappas