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What Visitors are Saying about Summer in 3-D

The Summer in 3-D programming encourages hands-on learning for children and adults, and highlights some of the fun activities the Denver Art Museum offers for families year-round.

Summer in 3-D is free with general admission and includes a self-guided adventure through the museum. The education and communications departments worked together to conceive the self-guide.

“We were excited to collaborate with the communications department to design a creative guide to enhance visitor experience around all things 3-D,” coordinator of family and communication programs, Lindsay Genshaft, explains.

Reading visitor comments and reactions about Summer in 3-D activities has been enriching and heart-warming for many of us at the Denver Art Museum. Visitors have shared their enjoyment of the experiences they had at the DAM and beyond.

Here’s what one visitor had to say about how the DAM’s take-home creativity kit inspired her son to be more creative:

I would like to extend my thanks to the Denver Art Museum for the art supply kit given to my 5-year-old son upon leaving the art museum last week. We live in Westminster, and this was his first visit to the art museum— which he thoroughly enjoyed. Two days later, his grandparents took him to the Denver Botanic Gardens, where he saw many of the Chihuly glass exhibits. When he got home, without prompting he found the art kit from the art museum, opened it and created a piece of "Chihuly" sculpture out of the supplies it contained. We were so impressed by the variety of supplies in the kit, and how they inspired him to create something so imaginative and fun. His visit to the art museum, and the kit especially, helped him to connect other things he saw and was interested in. We just wanted to say a big thank you for a program that is generous, fun, and stimulating, even days after leaving the museum! Bravo! —Stephanie Raessler

Another visitor shared his family’s experience at the DAM as well:

My family loved visiting your excellent facility during our recent stay in Denver. My five year old son and I enjoyed our time in the museum immensely, last Thursday, creating quite a few take home pieces and strolling through the exhibits. We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that on Saturday, when he got the choice to do whatever he wanted, he chose to return to the art museum so he could show it to his mom.

That we were able to walk in, sit down, and start making sculptures immediately, impressed us all greatly. The docents and staff contributed nicely with their expertise and genuine enthusiasm for what they were doing. We were blown away by getting the chance to see and talk to the welding artist Casey Horn. He took the time to show and talk to us about a puzzle he created. It felt like a piece of poetry and performance art that left us feeling like we'd participated in something quite special.

After two visits, our family feels like we could come back and still get to see more exhibits that we weren't able to catch. We will enthusiastically endorse the Denver Art Museum to anyone we know visiting your city. It is a can't-miss treasure, especially for inquisitive 5-year-olds and their entourage. —Rusty Boulet-Stephenson

We want to see your experience at the museum and what you think about the Summer in 3-D. Use the hashtag #FunAtTheDAM to see what your friends are creating and doing at the museum as well. Summer in 3-D continues through August 31. Admission is always free for children 5 and younger.

Anita Martinez was a digital communications intern in the communications department at the Denver Art Museum in summer 2014. Her favorite artwork that had been on view here is Fox Games.