Behind the Scenes at the DAM

Yves Saint Laurent Installation by the Numbers

The Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective exhibition has brought haute couture to the Denver Art Museum, and let me tell you, these mannequins don’t travel light. The 200 mannequins displayed in the exhibition wear everything from tuxedos to African-inspired evening gowns. Every hat, coat, and dress travelled from Paris by plane, train, and automobile to make their US debut. Here are just a few of the statistics from the installation of Yves Saint Laurent.

  • 7 tractor trailer trucks used to transport the exhibition
  • 16 days to install the artwork, textiles, and accessories
  • 40 garment racks and shelving units used to hold clothing while the mannequins waited to be dressed
  • 127 crates required to ship all the mannequins, textiles, accessories, and other materials displayed in the exhibition
  • 440 lighting fixtures added to the Anschutz and Martin and McCormick galleries to make the fashion pop
  • 1,113 individual garments and accessories on display (including 165 pairs of shoes, ladies!)
  • 1,800 rare earth magnets employed in the installation of the Wall of Colors
  • 5,000 linear footage of archival tissue paper used during the installation

Sarah Cucinella-McDaniel is the associate registrar in the exhibitions and collections services department at the Denver Art Museum. Sarah has been at the DAM since 2004 and her favorite exhibition that has been on view here is Gees Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt.