Join Us as CelebrARTE Celebrates One Year of Fun for Families

Join Us as CelebrARTE Celebrates One Year of Fun for Families

Planning this September’s CelebrARTE program, I realized, this will be the first anniversary of the program’s launch! ¡Increíble! Though I have been at the DAM working as Latino cultural programs coordinator for a bit longer, I was able to sit back and take note of the progress that happened in only one year. Of course, all of these achievements are very much a team effort, built upon a solid base that was established over decades.

One of the biggest changes has been the addition of the CelebrARTE program to the lineup of all of the other amazing programs at the Denver Art Museum. CelebrARTE is about celebrating the rich and varied creative expressions found in nuestra cultura, in Latino cultures. Over the past year, I have been pleased to support artist-partners that have made the program come alive. We have hosted over 20 artists that represent numerous nationalities, artistic expressions, and cultural backgrounds. By hands-on participation in talleres (workshops) to make Guatemalan worry dolls, piñatas, or having visitors join in an impromptu samba or tango lesson we have created both a community of artists as well as a community of visitors that have shared in an artistic experience together. In fact, our CelebrARTE visitors told us they really enjoy meeting other bilingual families from all over Latin America as they share culture while making art. In case you missed past CelebrARTE events, check out the CelebrARTE slide show below, and watch a preview video of what you can expect this month!

CelebrARTE is a big development, but there is so much more. When you visit, you may notice staff with red or orange buttons.

These buttons show off our staff’s Spanish speaking skills. When you see them, please stop and say, “Hola.” After your charla, these staff members can point you to the other bilingual activities. You may have also noticed that in addition to the Spanish Family Backpacks, you can now find information in Spanish both at our Create-n-Takes as well as in the Quilt Studio. During the run of Quilt Studio, we have even had bilingual demo artists. Expect to see that more often into the future of the Studio.

There is algo para todo, something for everyone, if you are Latino and visiting the DAM. Perhaps your neighborhood school will attend the Mañanitas bilingual school tour developed by my colleague, Clara Ricciardi. Perhaps you are excited about the upcoming Passport to Paris exhibition. Like Becoming Van Gogh before it, we have ensured you will be able to find the audio tour and labels in Spanish and English.

It is amazing for me to think that these are only a few of the total offerings that we have developed over the past year. As you visit over the coming year, keep an eye out for new developments. I know there is much happening behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

Madalena Salazar is the Latino cultural programs coordinator in the education department at the Denver Art Museum. Madalena has been at the DAM since 2011 and her favorite artwork that has been on view here is Mud Woman Rolls On. This piece reminds her of home, family, and community and serves as inspiration for her practice as a museum educator at the DAM.

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