Make a Memory for Your 'Amigo Secreto' at CelebrARTE

Make a Memory for Your 'Amigo Secreto' at CelebrARTE

Do you remember when you exchanged little valentines with all of your school friends, teachers, and family members? Perhaps it had a T. Rex and said something like “You are Dino-mite!” Maybe you left them for each other in a construction paper-covered shoebox? Remember that time of your life as we enjoy el Día de Amor y Amistad at this month’s CelebrARTE.

Like in the United States, El Día de Amor y Amistad for many Latinos is a day for enamorados, or lovers. However, it is also an important day to express your appreciation for friends. Let’s get to know our amigos old and new during our master artist’s workshop. This month’s artist, Loredana Gaudiuso, shared her fond memories of playing “amigo secreto” on this day when she was a girl in Colombia—like a secret valentine or Secret Santa, you receive gifts from unknown gift-givers.

This month CelebrARTE’s taller will take the amigo secreto exchange to the next level by revealing the surprise on the Denver Art Museum’s Flickr account! Visit the workshop, and make a valentine for a special someone. Who? ¿Quién sabe? It’s a surprise! Loredana, who is a professional photographer, will take a picture of you with your finished artwork. You’ll leave it behind for your secret friend, and pick up someone else’s to bring home. Before you go, she will take a photo of you and your gift.

Who received your gift? Who made yours? To discover their identities check out CelebrARTE’s “Amigo Secreto” photo set on Flickr. Their photos will reveal the secret of the exchange. After you select a valentine someone else has made, capture a photo of you holding it or of it in a place you like. Then upload it to Flickr or Instagram and include #denverartmuseum in the description. If you select to publish them on Twitter too, even better—include @denverartmuseum in the tweet so we can retweet some. If you have any questions about this, don't be shy to ask at CelebrARTE on February 17.

At CelebrARTE, we love to share. Usually, we are sharing our ideas about creativity. For Amor y Amistad, we are sharing our friendship through art. Maybe today your amigo secreto will become your amigo in real life—or at least virtually.

En español—cómo participar

¡Gracias por compartir! Ahora, dentro de 24 horas, podrás buscar a tu amigo secreto.

1) Visita

2) Encuentra “CelebrARTE: Amigo Secreto 2.17.13” ¿Reconoces tu obra de arte? Ahí, con tu obra, está tu amigo secreto. (Puedes agregar tus comentarios abajo de la foto).

3) ¿Quieres presumir la obra de arte que recibiste de tu amigo secreto? Comparte – sube (upload) tu foto con la obra a Instagram o Twitter #denverartmuseum. Agrega @denverartmuseum si quieres retweet de parte nuestra.

Madalena Salazar is the Latino cultural programs coordinator in the education department at the Denver Art Museum. Madalena has been at the DAM since 2011 and her favorite artwork that has been on view here is Mud Woman Rolls On. This piece reminds her of home, family, and community and serves as inspiration for her practice as a museum educator at the DAM.