Freedom & Inspiration: One Local Dancer Shares Her Nick Cave Experience

At Untitled #58 (Getup) on June 28, 2013, artist Nick Cave presented Nick Cave Performance Lab: "Figure This." Over 120 local dancers auditioned for the chance to participate, including DAM security officer Laura Burchard. Laura was one of 15 chosen to perform. She describes her experience as follows:

Working with Nick Cave and choreographer William Gill was like hang gliding over the Grand Canyon! There was a sense of freedom and release that I haven’t felt in a long time.

There was inspiration and rediscovered confidence. There was a sense of connection that permeated the whole experience. There was a sense of catalystic, experimental playfulness and a form of meditative “being lost” that got one out of themselves and into something somewhere else!

It was one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences where without words you are learning things, too many things to put on paper. It just changes your wiring.

It was wonderful.

Watch the mini-documentary below to follow Laura from start to finish on her life-changing journey. Nick Cave: Sojourn closes September 22.

Rose Eason is the coordinator of adult and college programs in the education department at the Denver Art Museum. Rose has been at the DAM since 2012 and her favorite artwork that has been on view here is Mud Woman Rolls On.