How to Pronounce Yves Saint Laurent, With the DAM Director (Video)

Yves Saint Laurent. If you have decent vision and are in Denver, these words are likely familiar. Since Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective opened at its lone US stop, the Denver Art Museum, in March, the title has been splashed across billboards and on buses, storefronts, street banners, and magazine ads.

When you see it, how do you say or read it?

If you are still perfecting your French pronunciation of the late iconic fashion designer’s name, you are not alone.

We asked our director, Christoph Heinrich, for a tutorial. He provided one—kind of. Watch the video. Originally from Germany, the Frederick and Jan Mayer Director speaks his native language as well as English and French.

Yves Saint Laurent: The Retrospective closes July 8.

Fairlight Baer-Gutierrez was digital communications manager in the communications department at the Denver Art Museum.