Lizzie Lambson at the Denver Art Museum

How to Enjoy an Art Museum with Grandchildren

A 12-Year-old's Tips for Grandparents

Note: Kids 18 and younger receive free general admission to the DAM.

I’ve been going to museums for most of my life. I like going with my grandparents because I love spending time with them. We go to zoos, the aquarium, science museums, and art museums. We get to see art and other interesting things, do activities, and shop. I like to hear their perspectives about the artworks and how it might compare to stories from their lives. We moved to Denver a year and a half ago, so now I get to go to the Denver Art Museum with my family.

Here are some things I love about the Denver Art Museum:

  • The Studio (opening with new 3-D activities on Oct. 7) is one of my favorites out of everything because it is fun and interactive. I like to design on my own while my grandparents sit in the comfy chairs. Then I usually show them what I made and ask them to take a picture.
  • The art! The artworks are unique and each piece has its own style. Some of my favorite artworks are from the Japanese art collection. Some examples of things I like from the collection are the ink drawings, fashion, and samurai display. One time we came with my school and did the Japan tour. We had a tea ceremony, got to feel different paintbrushes, and hold a katana, or Japanese sword. It was a little heavier than I expected. That was cool!
  • I like the castle building (the North Building) the best because it is fun to go in and feel the tiles in the staircases. I like the patterns they make on the outside of the building and how precise the tile work is and that they had to be put on one by one. My mom works at the museum, and she said there are over one million tiles!

Tips for grandparents when taking kids to art museums:

  • Read labels and give funny views of the art so that kids understand more of what they're seeing.
  • Make sure to do some interactive stuff so you are not just looking all the time. The activities help you get a better feel for how the artist goes through the design process.
  • The right amount of time to stay is around an hour and a half because younger kids can get tired and cranky. You can always go back.
  • Always go to the gift shop!

Lizzie Lambson is 12 years old. Her mom, Ann Lambson, is the interpretive specialist for architecture, design, and graphics in the learning and engagement department at the Denver Art Museum. She has been with the DAM since 2015.

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