Contact Information


For the quickest results, send your questions and comments to the communications department by e-mail. You’ll get a response within a few days.

If you know the name or department of the person you would like to reach, please include that information in the subject line of your e-mail.

For questions for a curatorial department, find a list of department e-mail addresses below.

Museum Phone Directory

General Information 720-865-5000
Información en Español 720-913-0169
Accessibility 720-913-0074
Accounting 720-913-0010
Communications & Marketing 720-913-0000
Development 720-913-0134
Event Rental 720-865-5171
Image Rights 720-865-4487


• Adult Program Info 720-913-0051
• Family & Kids Program Info 720-913-0130
• School & Teacher Program Info 720-913-0075
• Program Registration 720-865-5000
    (Adult, Kids, School & Teacher)  
Lost & Found 720-865-5009
Group Reservations & Tours 720-913-0130 or 720-865-5120
Ticket Reservations & Information 720-913-0130 or 720-865-5120
Membership 720-913-0130
Museum Shop 720-865-4488  
Palettes Restaurant 303-534-1455
Volunteer Office 720-865-5045

Curatorial Department E-mail Directory

For media inquiries, please contact the communications department at, and they will connect you with the appropriate department.

African Art Department
American Indian Art Department
Architecture, Design & Graphics Department
Asian Art Department
Painting & Sculpture Department (European & American art)
Modern & Contemporary Art Department
Oceanic Art Department
Photography Department
Pre-Columbian Art Department
Spanish Colonial Art Department
Textile Art Department
Western Art Department

Mailing Address

Denver Art Museum

100 W 14th Ave Pkwy

Denver, CO 80204