2014 Untitled Season Lineup

Untitled #63 (Au Naturel), January 31

The first Untitled of 2014 delves into the natural and seductive side of art from the city of love. Celebrate la bonne vie with Passport to Paris, specially crafted scents, French music, and a stripped down look at the collections.

Untitled #64 (Framed), February 28

Reframe your view of the world. Take a behind-the-scenes look at Seen in Passing, an exhibit of Chuck Forsman’s photography, get the scoop on Polish perspectives of the Wild West, and put the pieces together on how art is framed.

Untitled #65 (Say Anything), March 28

Find your artistic voice. Check out the provocative posters in Drawn to Action: Posters from the AIGA Design Archives, sound off in art through poetry-on-demand, and engage in insightful pillow talk.

Untitled #66 (Rebel Rebel), April 25

Follow Warhol’s lead and break the rules. Fuel your rebellion with works from avant-garde artists such as Picasso and others in Modern Masters: 20th Century Icons from the Albright-Knox Gallery.

Untitled #67 (Chain Reaction), May 30

Start a creative chain reaction. Experiment with the scientific side of sculpture, investigate the chemistry of conservation, and dive into history’s domino effect.

Untitled #68 (Nomad), June 27

Embark on the first leg of a three-part summer series. Take a look artworks made to travel, get tips from a survivalist, and see how photographer Alec Soth documents his cross country adventures.

Untitled #69 (Uncharted), July 25

For the second stop on your summer journey, follow in the footsteps of Tom Wesselmann and other boundary-pushing artists.

Untitled #70 (Roost), August 29

Settle in after the summer-series road trip with a look at traveling home, in-gallery bird watching, and art of the interior.

Untitled #71 (Face Time), September 26

Take a lesson in anatomy through the art of portraiture, spend quality face time with your favorite artworks, and chat with artists near and far.

Untitled #72 (Supernatural), October 31

Take a turn toward the supernatural. Soak up the spirit of the night with a look at the otherworldly colors of the fauvist movement, share ghost stories in the galleries, and score big in a museum-wide trick-or-treat.