2013 Untitled Season Lineup

Untitled #53 (Aftermath), January 25

The 2013 season of Untitled final Fridays kicks off with a look at artistic ending points and cultural consequences. The program will celebrate the photography exhibition Laura Letinsky: Still Life Photographs, 1997–2012 and turn the focus on food and its impact on the New World in the Spanish Colonial collections.

Untitled #54 (Turf), February 22

In February, Untitled celebrates the exhibition Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico: Architecture, Katsinam and the Land with a look at the significance of place in artists’ lives. Artist Nick Cave will give local dancers a chance to strut their stuff in open auditions to be part of summer programming related to his exhibition Nick Cave: Sojourn.

Untitled #55 (Bound), March 29

Untitled #55 (Bound) looks at artistic constraints and will be produced in collaboration with Opera Colorado. Take in an aria in the galleries. Opera Colorado’s Young Artists perform and give detours of the DAM collections. Artist-in-residence Will Wilson enters into a creative contract with visitors in his temporary photography studio.

Untitled #56 (Current), April 26

Keep your finger on the pulse at Untitled #56 (Current) with a look at sacred energies, current events and electrical outputs. Local chamber orchestra Musica Sacra brings energy into a special performance in Ponti Hall. Connect to with your prana in a meditation session in the Asian art galleries.

Untitled #57 (Darn), May 31

Untitled #57 (Darn) is about misprints, mistakes, mending, and moving on. A DAM staff member gives a behind-the-scenes tour of the new the conservation lab and chats about techniques used to repair specific artworks. Pick-up some mending skills in a community-led textile repair workshop.

Untitled #58 (Getup), June 28

Outfit your night at Untitled #58 (Getup). Take a look at how the west was worn as DAM staff pair paintings with period artifacts. Nick Cave’s Soundsuits will invade the museum throughout the night, with musical and dance performances.

Untitled #59 (Undercover), July 26

See what lies beneath at Untitled #59 (Undercover). Get the scoop on objects under wraps from a DAM staff member in the exhibition Cover Story. MakeARTtalk creative Jason Corder shares the secret sounds of the DAM, made from covert field recordings around the museum. Artist-in-residence Marie Watt teaches the blanket stitch and more in a massive sewing circle.

Untitled #60 (Signature), August 30

Untitled #60 (Signature) takes a look at how artists make their mark. Separate the facts from the fakes as a DAM staff member looks at authenticating artworks. Local crocheters Ladies Fancywork Society show off their signature style; hear about their installation in an informal artist’s chat.

Untitled #61 (Harvest), September 27

Fall is here and it’s time to reap the bounty. Take part in the de-install of our summer-long coral reef and take a tiny piece to bring home. We’ll also be hauling in the last plants from our summer dye garden. Get the inside scoop on turning dandelions into dyes and using them to make colorful creations.

Untitled #62 (Shady), October 25

The final Untitled of 2013 celebrates the art of drawing, and ventures into the dark side with a look at the slightly suspicious throughout the DAM collections. Take part in a sketching workshop and go on a detour calling out the corrupt characters depicted in the western American art galleries.